Measure twice, cut once

Every plan looks good on paper. The truth will reveal itself once money is in concrete. We will help you plan development projects and also assess existing plans.

We are competent in both planning and construction management, and will keep your school fee minimal.

The goal is to make profit

Every development should enrich our living environment, but also earn back the money invested in the project.

We are capable of planning a development project with high market value, realizable rent spaces and optimal building expenses.

Expert assessment

Redman’s experts have a unique competence that combines knowledge of financing, construction and property market. 

Our commercial property directory is a service that keeps us constantly up to date with the property market.

A dozen years of experience and personal risks

Redman has developed tens of millions of euros’ worth of real estate since 2004. The rate of return of our portfolio is above the market average. 

We have financed projects ourselves and have  knowledge to involve additional funds.

Are you interested? 

Get in touch and let’s implement your plan together!